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Why Land Acknowledgements Reflect An Ignorance Of American History

I read this article on the Federalist site on Tuesday afternoon. I thought it was the most blatantly racist piece I’d seen against Indigenous people in ages. Kind of strange; after all of the unrest around the BLM movement issues, and then somebody says all of this about Indians? I plan on writing about this soon. After I read it, I put 2 different comments up. When I went back on Wednesday, the article was taken down, and could not be reached. My second comment had also been deleted from their thread. Then, the article came back on their site with a yes, new name. And my comment was still deleted. I believe it hit a nerve with them. I hope you’ll take a look at this, and realize this man is, once again, trying to present the over 500 tribal nations that have been here for countless thousands of years, as some sort of insignificant roadblock in the way of manifest destiny. Their lives are meaningless to him, and the others like him. This should not be allowed anymore. When will people start standing up to this? I wish to write him, but can’t locate his email. If anybody can find it, would love to have it…all bestest…HHH

Here’s the article: