Neil Haverstick discovers other worlds of sound within a microtonal universe…he might as well be from another planet.” Electronic Musician

Bold and daring, Haverstick ventures into distant aural galaxies.” Guitar Player

Haverstick is known as a guitar wizard.” Denver Post

Haverstick nor Catler is just dabbling; they put microtones to more savvy uses than a lot of classical composers.” Village Voice

…musician, critics and listeners see Haverstick as either a masterful contributor of new music or an abrasive and it irritating noise that won’t go away.” Westword

Like a picaresque hero, he rides classic and original forms of musical expression wherever they take him.” Profile on the Arts – KRMA, Ch 6 TV

Formidable fretboard chops and an affinity for the blues.” International Musician

Guitarist Neil Haverstick turned his 19 tone electric guitar into a looped orchestra,suggesting a future top 40 hit from Saturn.” Rocky Mountain News

A guitar virtuoso of extraordinary capability and an impressive composer.”

Haverstick… has been praised by guys like Tommy Tedesco, Joe Pass, and Howard Roberts for his work. After 5 CDs and 2 books, you’d think he’d be a household name.” 20th Century Guitar

Neil Haverstick is one heck of a guitar player, especially wailing the blues.” Denver Post

In addition to playing a mean blues ax, Haverstick has started to cut a national profile with his 19 tone guitar work…” Rocky Mountain News

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