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Neil Featured in Shoutout Colorado

Shoutout Colorado

   Hey all…this is pretty cool. Shoutout Colorado is an online magazine, part of a larger company called Voyage L.A. They do in depth profiles of many different people; business owners, artists of all kind, entrepreneurs, folks doing a wide variety of creative projects. They basically ask you a few questions, and let you do the talking. They contacted me last December, and it was released Saturday. It was perfect timing; I am just finishing my sci fi memoir, to be called Amanyathankadonas, after 7 years of writing. This profile is a sort of musical memoir. I plan on adding this to my book. It was a missing piece.

   They want you to focus on the city you’re in; the plan is to get people to be aware of what’s going on in their communities, perhaps get them to focus their time and money on the talented people who are in the area. I moved to Socorro in 2022, and was a bit surprised they took me on. I was in Denver for 48 years, and had a great career there. I’m sure that figured in. I wrote about the risks of being a musician; my musical highlights; Socorro and Denver, and my main mentors. They also put a lot of pics in that I sent. Artists live by the press. It’s how people find out who we are. I’m delighted to be a part of this. Hope you can check it out…hey from Socorro…Hstick

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