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The Lucifer Rebellion/White Supremacy


   I’ve actually been doing more writing the last few years than playing. There were two books on microtonal music and theory, and an article on the Oud for Vintage Guitar mag. Since 2017, I’ve been working on, if slowly, a sort of sci fi memoir; something like that. I have 8 notebooks of my scribblings, and am now starting to type them out. I can’t read my own writing, which is printing anyway; now I can see what I was really saying, ha. Not sure how it will wind up, it’s changing as I go. I do know I want to talk about many of the things I’ve learned over the years. I’ve looked into many different cultures and spiritual philosophies, and had many interesting experiences of my own. I’ll also go into some of my rather unusual childhood, and life as a musician. The article you see here is from the book. The picture of the woman, Kandiss Taylor, I just found, and it fits perfectly with what I’m writing about.

   I want to say that, over the years, I’ve had to be careful what I say to people about the things I’ve studied. I know that I can be rather intense, and have had to learn how to temper that a bit. I had a very strange lesson in 1973. I went to visit a friend; when I knocked on his apartment door, a girl answered. She took a look at me, and slammed the door without saying anything…wowie. I think my friend then let me in. I thought this was really weird. I was living in a hippie house in KC at the time with a man who had been an early Scientologist, and had known L. Ron Hubbard. His daughter and her young son were also there, and a few other people. I told him what had happened; he said it was likely that she had known me in a past life, and simply freaked out for some reason when she saw me again. An instant chemistry. That was kind of new to me, and started me thinking about how I affected people. When my first CD “The Gate” came out, a friend said she couldn’t listen to it because it was too intense. Years later, another friend heard one of my microtonal pieces; he said things would have to get pretty bad before people would listen to music like that again. I know I can freak people out by things I say. Not intentional. But I have gone places most people have not.

   Perhaps now is the time to be intense. That’s why I wrote this article. America is disintegrating from within; we are an armed camp of millions of disturbed people. Death and chaos are in the air; we are not safe anywhere we go. There is much hatred, many opposing groups, all with their own agendas. The rest of the world is the same. We are a hair trigger away from a nuclear catastrophe. The weather is rapidly changing, with records being set over and over. The earth is running out of resources; this is real. No one seems to have any answers. For myself, I see things from a deeper spiritual level; what sort of teachings are we following? What are we aligning our inner selves with? What caused humanity to follow a path that has led to such destructive ends? This article discusses some of that. It is not easy to read, but it’s not supposed to be. I will say; if you don’t wish to be disturbed, perhaps pass this by. It’s ok. If there are not drastic measure taken soon, we are in big trouble; we actually already are. As Sheriff Bell said in No Country For Old Men; if this ain’t a mess, it’ll do until the mess gets here.

   Kandiss Taylor? She just lost the Republican Primary for Governor in Georgia. Look at the message on her bus. It’s worse than that. She believes the Native Americans “sacrificed” their lands so she and her kind could worship Jesus. This isn’t so far from what many white people in America believe; she just puts it out in the open. I believe this article explains well where she, and the millions of others like her, derive their twisted ideas. If this seems a bit extreme, so are people like Taylor. They are the ones responsible for the terrible situation we are in today. I think I know why. Thnx for reading.


The Urantia Book is one of the most unusual and unique books ever written in human history. It is a cosmology that explains the structure of the universe in a fashion totally different than anything ever seen before. Nothing you’ve ever read about the many religions here on this Earth can prepare you for what is in this book. In fact, they are explained as rather primitive attempts, on the part of humans, to describe the much deeper realities that are presented there. It first appeared in 1955, from a group in Chicago, calling itself the Urantia Foundation. The book is still in print, and also available on the Internet. 

   The origins of this book are rather mysterious, and it appears that the people who publish it want to keep it that way. They wish the focus to be on the book itself, not on who wrote it, or just how it came to exist in the first place. This is very unusual in itself. This is not a cult, because there is no charismatic person who leads it. It is not new agey, as it’s ideas are far beyond anything related to that concept, and it shares nothing of that simplistic philosophy. There has never been a lot of publicity about it, no push to sell a lot of books, so making money off of it is also not an issue here. So, just what is it?

   Basically, it is a description, and history of, the universe from a perspective never written about before. In this book, Urantia is the name given to the Earth, and our place in this local section of the universe is described in Paper 57: “Urantia is of origin in your Sun, and your Sun is one of the multifarious offspring of the Andronover nebula, which was onetime organized as a component part of the physical power and material matter of the local universe of Nebadon. And this great nebula itself took origin in the universal force-charge of space in the superuniverse of Orvonton, long long ago.” Urantia is also described as the place where the seventh bestowal of Christ Michael occurred, known to us as Jesus Christ. He is known as a Creator Son, of which there are many, and is the ruler of the section of the universe where Urantia is located. Does that mean that this is some sort of Christian book? Not really, as the scope of the book is far beyond anything presented in the Bible. Yet, the person we know as Christ and his mission will figure very large throughout the book, and his life is looked at in stunning, day by day detail, in the last 700 pages of the book.

   That’s correct; the book itself is over 2000 pages, and is among the most complex spiritual philosophies ever written, or imagined. Yes, there are incredible texts to be found in many of the Earth’s religions, including Hindu, Christian, Hebrew, Buddhist, Muslim, Egyptian and others, as well as ancient oral traditions among the Indigenous people of the world. But again, nothing in those will prepare a person for what is contained in this book. A look at the Urantia Foundation website explains some of the history. It started as a like minded group of people who met to discuss spiritual issues over several years, early in the Twentieth century. The book developed over the next few years as a series of papers, revealed (somehow) by a group of spiritual beings who were assigned to bring the teachings to Urantia. Who, on the human plane, was given these teachings? And then wrote them down? There are guesses, but nothing definitive. Why were they given in the first place? Again, there is no answer as of yet. The Lucifer Rebellion is Paper 53, and explains how this once Light being decided to split off from the teachings of the Creator, and basically create his own kingdom-universe, if you will, separate from the rest of the universal structure. 

   Of course, the name of Lucifer, and who-what he is, has been discussed for many years, and there is still a lot of controversy around this. In Christian traditions, Lucifer and Satan are often seen as interchangable names for the same spiritual being. Here, Satan is a lieutenant of Lucifer’s, who was convinced to follow his master in the split from the Creator; they are totally different beings. There are many other beings subordinate to Lucifer, including such names as Daligastia and Caligastia, as well as Beelzebub, which will be familiar to those who have looked into the darker side of Christianity. But most of what is written here will be a real mind bender to anyone who reads it; it will also help to see this paper in the much larger context of the whole book. 

   In the Urantia Book, there are an amazing number of names, ideas, and places throughout the universe, as well as an incomprehensible array of beings who inhabit it, performing complex spiritual tasks far beyond what humans have ever imagined. Havona is the center of the universe, and all the rest of the Creation circles around it. It is beyond all concepts of time, space, and distance. While mainstream astrophysics says the universe was created by a big bang, 13.8 billion years ago, the Urantia book states that “987,000,000,000 years ago associate force organizer and then acting inspector number 811,307 of the Orvonton series, traveling out from Uversa, reported to the Ancients Of Days that space conditions were favorable for the initiation of materialization phenomena in a certain sector of the, then, easterly segment of Orvonton.” From Paper 57, The Origin of Urantia. And it continues from there, describing how the vast forces in the universe were then shaped into our section of the Creation, over many hundreds of billions of years. The great bassist Jaco Pastorious wrote a song called Havona; and according to Room Full of Mirrors, a bio of Jimi Hendrix, he too had a copy of The Book of Urantia. It had only been out for a little over 10 years then.

   Indeed, mainstream scientists and their devotees may have a tough time with this, as the ideas presented here are far beyond anything they can conceive of. But hey, that’s ok. He felt that much of what they said about the structure of the Cosmos was speculation anyway. The Urantia Book describes the universe most importantly from a spiritual, non material aspect, but also how the material realms are then created, administered, and guided by a mind boggling array of celestial beings, including the Creator Sons, of which Christ Michael is one. The story of who He is, and how He came to this planet, is a big part of this book. It seemed the best advice would be for curious people to read it for themselves, and come to their own understanding of this book. For if they did not read it, how then could they comment on what it said? He felt that the information in Paper 53 made a great deal of sense; especially in the light of the condition of the world in 2022. As people were reading it, he wanted them realize that all of the unfamiliar names and ideas were a small part of something much larger.

   “Lucifer was a brilliant primary Lanonandek Son of Nebadon. He had experienced service in many systems, had been a high counselor of his group, and was distinguished for wisdom, sagacity, and efficiency. Lucifer was number 37 of his order, and when commissioned by the Melchizedeks, he was designated as one of the one hundred most able and brilliant personalities in more than seven hundred thousand of his kind. From such a magnificent beginning, through evil and error, he embraced sin and now is numbered as one of three system sovereigns in Nebadon who have succumbed to the urge of self and surrendered to the sophistry of spurious personal liberty-rejection of universe allegiance and disregard of fraternal obligations, blindness to cosmic relationships. In the Universe of Nebadon, the domain of Christ Michael, there are ten thousand systems of inhabited worlds. In all the history of Lanonandek Sons, in all their work throughout these thousands of systems and at the universe headquarters, only three System Sovereigns have ever been found in contempt of the government of the Creator Son.”

   The rest of the paper goes into great detail about how and why this occurred. Then Paper 54, Problems Of The Lucifer Rebellion, explains how mercy and judgement also figure in to the resolution of the rebellion. It is explained that Earth-Urantia was immediately quarantined from the vast network of universal communications at the time of the rebellion, and that the Creator has up to 48 reasons as to His timing of ultimate judgement of Lucifer and his followers, most of which involve Divine Mercy. Again, it is of utmost importance to be aware that all of this occurred in vast spiritual realms, involving time frames well beyond what most people are used to thinking in. In the Bible, the phrase War in Heaven was used to very superficially describe what happened. Lucifer is mentioned just once in the whole of the Bible, and Satan a few more times than that. Although much has been read, written and discussed the last 2000 years about this subject, most people have only a vague understanding of what all of this really means. A few sentences in the Bible really doesn’t explain very much. In a poem by the Celtic Bard Taliesyn, there is a line that says “I was with my Lord in the heavens/When Lucifer fell into the depths of hell.” This is from around the Sixth century AD.

    There were two overarching realizations that came to him from his understanding of these papers. Simply, that Lucifer was-is a narcissist at the core of his being, a being that is only concerned with focusing on himself to the exclusion of all others. Second, being a narcissist meant that Lucifer essentially created his own solitary universe, separate from the rest of creation, with his own rules and ways of doing things. This is expressed in the following statement from Paper 53: “Lucifer charged that the Universal Father did not really exist, that physical gravity and space-energy were inherent in the universe, and that the Father was a myth invented by the Paradise Sons to enable them to maintain the rule of the universes in the Father’s name.” This went under the name of the Lucifer Declaration Of Liberty. In other words, he was creating a false version of reality, one he made up himself. By denying the very existence of the Creator of the universe, Lucifer and his followers set off on a path that diverged from reality, and began creating a synthetic alternate reality, with Lucifer as God.

   It was often said that Lucifer was a light bearer. In fact, that is the meaning of his name. That was correct; except it was a false light. A light that only illumined his own false outlook. Since Lucifer had indeed been a Light being himself, before he created his own un-natural universal worldview, he was able to present himself as a being from the Light. Which could make it difficult for people to be able to tell the difference, as had happened many times throughout history. There are many stories that speak to this. Christ said, in Matthew 24:24, that even the elect could be deceived. Writing these words, he wanted to emphasize again; when we speak of Lucifer, Satan, and their many minions, it is vital to comprehend that these are spiritual beings-forces of very ancient origin. And like the consciousness of Christ and the Light, can, and do, manifest themselves through human form.

   This subject was certainly nothing new, to anyone familiar with religious texts, and had been known throughout all history as simply the eternal battle between good and evil. It existed in every culture in some form or other. Because of the endless depictions, in Christian mythology, of the “devil” as a red guy with horns, tail and pitchfork, for instance, it was ez to turn all of this into a sort of buffoonish clown show. Athiests and scientific materialists such as Carl Sagan loved to do just that. It was not a clown show. It was deadly real, and the condition of mankind in early 2022 spoke eloquently to this reality.

   After reading through the Urantia Book for over 30 years, he believed this paper explained the meaning and consequences of this often misunderstood idea very well indeed. A formerly great spiritual being decided, for reasons only he knew, to split off from the larger Creation, and create a world of his own making, taking many others along with him. “But this war in Heaven was very terrible and very real. While displaying none of the barbarities so characteristic of physical warfare on the immature worlds, this conflict was far more deadly. Material life is in jeopardy in material combat, but the war in heaven was fought in terms of life eternal.” P. 606. Once again, this is an idea that has existed for a long time. The Urantia Book explained it extremely clearly.

   Here on this Earth, on the material realm of universal existence, we rarely realize that we are indeed spiritual beings first, acting out, in physical form, much deeper realities that have their origins in the timeless vastness of non material realms. We are a spirit, and have a body. As the Urantia Book illustrates, this Earthly life is but one infintesimally small part of a universe composed of an incomprehensible amount of spiritual hierarchies that have existed far longer than the teensy 13.8 billion years so dear to the scientific materialist’s hearts. The material universe we now find ourselves in is also populated with countless other intelligent beings, most of which are far more evolved than our spiritually infantile and violent civilization. We are the equivalent of cosmic pre-schoolers, if even that. 

   The Urantia Book speaks of a final judgement for Lucifer, Satan, and all the rest of the beings who departed from the path of the Creator. The Ancients Of Days are spoken of as the judges who will make the final decision. And when they do, those who willingly defied the laws of the Creator, even though were offered Divine mercy repeatedly, refusing it each time; they will be eliminated from the universe completely. “We believe that all rebels who will ever accept mercy have done so. We await the flashing broadcast that will deprive these traitors of personality existence. We anticipate the verdict of Uversa will be announced by the executionary broadcast which will effect the annilhilation of these interned rebels. But then you will look for their places, but they shall not be found.” Then “And they who know you among the worlds will be astonished at you; you have been a terror, but never shall you be anymore.” “And thus shall all of these unworthy traitors become as though they had not been. All await the Uversa decree.” Paper 53.

   He felt that this helped explain the prophecies of the end times that were found in Christianity, Islam, Hopi, and many other Earth-Urantia based religions. Yes, evil will surely be eliminated. There is no other outcome. But, as with many other ancient wisdom teachings, this had been greatly distorted from the far deeper spiritual meaning and implications. Judgement was assured, and was unchangeable. But it would happen in Creator’s time, on a level far beyond the level of most humans to conceive of. In the Bible, Christ stated that no one, not even himself, knew when the end times would come; only the Father.

   Again; who wrote this astonishing book, and why? Well…who really wrote the Bible? Yes, some of the authors are known, but certainly not all, including the four Gospels. Yet, the Bible is accepted as truth by many millions over the years. Who wrote the ancient Hindu scriptures? Sumerian, Babylonian, Mayan, Egyptian? Did the Buddha say all of the words attributed to him? Lao Tzu is thought to actually be a sort of compilation of wisdom sayings, not necessarily a real person. There are no writings from Pythagoras himself; yet his teachings have influenced many through the years. With the Urantia Book, he would always ask; who could even conceive of such a book? If it was true, then was it communicated the way the Urantia Foundation said? By celestial beings who were assigned to give this information to the people of Urantia? Of course, he knew this would be difficult for many people to even imagine. Truth be told, he didn’t blame them. But, the fact was that all through history, most cultures acknowledged that yes, spiritual beings can, and do, enter the human body, usually during times of ceremony. The famous Hopi Kachinas are one of the best examples of that, as are the ancient Greek Oracles, as well as shamans and healers from every culture in the world. This is very ancient knowledge, nothing remotely new age. In fact, the belief that this does not happen is actually very new, and came about, again, because of scientific materialism.

   If the UB was not true, factual, was it simply a product of someone’s imagination? Some sort of incredibly advanced science fiction story? That raised many questions. One more time; this is a 2000 page book, describing a universal structure and history that was unique in human history, on a scale beyond the wildest imaginings of most human beings. It owed very little, if anything, to any book ever written. Finnegan’s Wake was like Reader’s Digest in comparison. If fiction, then the person-persons who were even able to conceive of such a tale were geniuses of the highest order. And if that was the case; what kind of person would take the enormous amount of time to even write it in the first place? For what goals? As was already noted, there was no visible leader of the Urantia Foundation, no one attempting to get people to follow this teaching, as you always see in a cult group. Why spend the time and energy to create such a massive and complex book if money or some sort of personal glory was not involved? No ez answers. Everybody knew Shakespeare was fiction, and that perhaps Sir Francis Bacon actually wrote the plays. But they were among the most quoted literary works in history. Because the wisdom was more important than the human author. 

   After over 30 years, he was still not sure of just what the UB was. He believed that the basic premise of the book was indeed true. That there was a universal foundation that was being presented for the first time in human history. That the planet we call Earth, now Urantia, was a rather unique place because of the bestowal of Christ Michael. That the ultimate goal of a human being was to eventually merge with the Creator, after moving through many successive stages of spiritual development. Was the stupefying hierarchy of the universe, as presented in the book, with its dizzying spiritual-administrative structure, correct?  Was the science-geology-history of Urantia that was described valid? Were the 700 pages describing Christ’s life accurate? The story of the Lucifer Rebellion? He figured that, since this book was indeed transmitted through someone, a human being, even though that person-persons remained anonymous, that you needed to figure in human fraility and mistakes, perhaps misinterpretations. As well, the spiritual beings who revealed the book often said that using the English language to describe many of the concepts and ideas was inadequate. For the concepts presented here are very difficult to understand. This is not casual reading.

   He found this book to contain among the most difficult set of ideas he had ever encountered. He also believed, overall, that there was indeed great wisdom to be found in those pages. As he wrote these words, he wondered how many people would even be curious enough to look into it. If they did, which was always the best idea, then they could make their own informed decisions. He knew the book, and especially Paper 53, had opened his own mind in ways that were still having an effect on him. 

White Supremacy

   One of those effects was a greater understanding of what was called white supremacy. Which seemed somewhat simple on the surface, but had much deeper spiritual implications that were rarely talked about, and which most people were not even aware existed. Of course, human beings had been kicking each others asses since day one. Fighting and warfare were the norm, rather than the exception; this was distressing enough. But when the Europeans started colonizing the planet, beginning roughly in the 1400’s, white supremacy then became a major force in human interactions.

   He had long wondered; why did white Europeans believe that they were the master race? What were the real roots of this bizarre belief system? That having lighter skin somehow qualified those of this race to take the lands and then dominate almost all other cultures throughout the world? Again, this was rarely brought up in discussions of white supremacy and racism. Without an understanding of the underlying causes, why it was that white people felt this way, there could never be a real solution to this issue; no matter how many words were spoken, no matter how many demonstrations there were, no matter how many laws were passed. Some saw it as the legendary “Curse of Ham,” from the Old Testament, a basic part of the fabric of Christianity. Perhaps that was part of it. But not all.

   After studying Paper 53 for many years, he had come to the conclusion that WS was simply an offshoot of the teachings of Lucifer, on the deepest level. Lucifer, as has been mentioned, was often referred to as the Light bearer, a being that came to bring Light to humanity. But, as he split from the rest of the Creation, it was indeed a false light. A white light that did not truly illuminate, but instead a light that was used to dominate others. The white light of Lucifer became the belief that those humans with the lightest skin were chosen to rule all others. And in the twisted philosophy of Lucifer, this was then turned around and justified under the banner of Christianity. That white Christians had the God given right to take possession of the Earth, to set the laws for all people they conquered, to use the lands as they saw fit, and to feel completely justified in doing so. This was never more fully demonstrated than in the concept of Manifest Destiny, which the Europeans created to justify the taking of Indigenous lands in what came to be called North America. It was believed that God Himself had ordained the Euros to cleanse the land of the worthless savages that inhabited it. Overlooking the fact that they had been here for countless thousands of years, since after the Great Flood, and were the rightful caretakers of this land. The Book Of The Hopi was highly recommended reading.

   This had nothing to do with any teachings of Christ. The white people that believed this were somehow confusing Christ with Lucifer. He knew that this would be most difficult for people to understand, but it was the truth. Look at the history of the Catholic Church, for example. The horrors they inflicted on people throughout the years could hardly be called Christlike. Everywhere they went, they brought domination, death and suffering, even to fellow Europeans. And to this day, they have thousands of pedophile priests, who have never suffered the consequences of their actions. That is a Luciferian teaching. But even in 2022, the Church had a billion followers who somehow managed to ignore and overlook that tragic history. After Luther’s split from the Church, many new forms of Christianity appeared over the years. Even though they no longer followed the Pope, their views of  whiteness remained very similar. Yes, there were surely those who did not share in this philosophy, and they were to be admired.

   A simple look throughout the history of white colonialism proves that almost all denominations of Christian churches still took white supremacy for granted. Everywhere they went, they attempted to destroy Native spiritual beliefs, and try to convert the people to their version of Christianity. This is the basis of what is called cultural genocide. By replacing Native traditions with white Christianity, the very foundation of a society is altered to conform with something that no longer resembles the original spiritual path of the dominated people. This is a devastating process, and it has happened in most cultures that the Europeans conquered.  Most Christian churches had missionaries, whose purpose was to bring Christ to those darker skinned races, in the name of saving them. But it was, and is, about dominating them, and trying to make them as much like white people as possible. In this process whole cultures were destroyed, their children taken away to be educated-indoctrinated in white schools, and in the process their own spiritual beliefs, languages, ways of dressing and living their own cultures, were all forbidden to them. In case someone is not aware of all of this, there are countless books and articles on this subject; ez to find.

   To go around the world speaking of Christ, being saved, Democracy, but then killing many, taking their lands, and imposing total dominance on them; he could not see how this was Christian in any way. Yet, this was the version of Christianity that was totally ingrained in many millions of people across the world. To point out that this was a false version of Christ wasn’t going to make a whole lot of people very happy. Especially those that saw it as the truth. It was well documented, and in fact was still occurring around the whole planet, wherever the remaining Indigenous people were having their lands taken for industrial use or for the metals that lay underneath the ground. Their forests were still being burned down, their waterways poisoned, and the people being deprived of their ancient ways of life. Not to mention all of the animals who were being destroyed in this process as well. From the Amazon to New Guinea to Australia, the white supremacists were still doing what they had been doing for hundreds of years, and still getting away with it. While believing they were Christians. Of course, the Chinese were also exploiting and destroying Indigenous lands as well, and they were far from Christian. 

    The Nazis also had the exact same idea of white supremacy, as did the white South Africans. The United States gave much material support to Hitler, mainly through corporations, and basically turned a blind eye to the rise of the Nazis. There were many Nazi sympathizers, including Henry Ford and Charles Lindburgh, and Winston Churchill spoke approvingly of both Hitler and Mussolini. During the War, the US turned many Jewish immigrants away, sending them back to Europe. Anti-Semitism was a big part of America from the start. The Ku Klux Klan hated Jews as much as Black folks. After WW 2, the US brought many Nazi scientists over to help develop weapons, and build the rockets which eventually got us to the Moon. Nazi/SS member Wernher von Braun was the greatest rocket scientist of the Twentieth century. America has always had a soft spot for Fascism and Nazis. That’s why the US took over Haiti in 1914, installed the Shah of Iran with a coup in 1953, and supported the many brutal dictatorships in Central America, as well as Francisco Franco’s dictatorship in Spain. And that’s why there are still so many in the hundreds of militias across the country, and in political office as well, especially in the Western states.

   No; this was a dark and evil pathway, and originated in the narcissistic and demented ideas of a once Light and very powerful spiritual being. He felt the Lucifer Rebellion explained all of this very well. Which is why he was talking about it in this book. These ideas in no way contradicted anything in the Bible. In fact, it helped make it much clearer. Perhaps those who read these words might begin to start looking deeper into why white Europeans believed themselves superior to all other races. If there was a more compelling reason, he did not know what it was.

   “On the other side of the coin-Lucifer’s side-the belief that he does not exist at all is an enormous advantage that he has never enjoyed to such a great degree. It is the ultimate camouflage. Not to believe in evil is not to be armed against it. To disbelieve is to be disarmed. If your will does not accept the existence of evil you are rendered incapable of resisting evil. Those with no capacity of resistance become prime targets for possession. Just.” Dr. Malachi Martin, from “Hostage To The Devil, Five Cases of Demonic Possession.”