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The Hopi Prophecies are Coming True – Here’s Why we Should Pay Attention

… the vision of the now famous Hopi prophecies that describe this time of Powateoni, of purification, of social and ecological disruption that will eventually bring a time of lasting peace over the world’s people. But before that, we will have to go through the eye of the storm…

   Hey all…I ran into this article from August 2021 by accident, found it remarkable, and decided to share it. I wrote a long piece about my feelings regarding the Indigenous folks in 2020, so I’ll let this speak for itself. I have been interested in these issues for much of my life; having Choctaw DNA on my maternal side is a factor, I am sure. I knew of my great grama Sabra all of my life. My late cousin Ron did a great deal of research into those roots, and I have a lotta emails he sent. I’ve learned a lot about why I feel many of the things I do. It’s difficult to find out much when we get into reservations; not a lot of written records, but I plan to continue to look into all of that.

   The “Book Of The Hopi,” by Frank Waters, should be read by all Americans. It’s a history of this continent from the people whose ancestors came here long long ago; much longer than is assumed by anthropologists. Waters lived with the Hopi for 3 years, from 1960/63, and talked to 30 Elders, now all passed on. They spoke of their history, legends, myths, ceremonies, and their deeply spiritual philosophy of the Earth and Universe. They also spoke of their prophecies, what they saw coming in the future. The Hopi consider themselves the caretakers of this land; not owners, as they don’t believe in land ownership; it belongs to the Creator, and humans share it with many other life forms. All Indigenous people across the Earth feel the same way about their lands, and have their own stories to tell as well.

   We live in a world dominated by scientific materialism. To speak of ancient Indian prophecies may seem foreign to some; but most religions have prophecies of the end times, so it’s a familiar subject to most people. In 1948, the Hopi Elders held a 4 day meeting, and chose 4 men to be the speakers for their teachings. The late Thomas Banyacya was one of those; here’s a quote from a 1976 talk to the United Nations Habitat Forum in Vancouver, BC: “This desecration of our spiritual center must not be allowed to continue for if it does, Mother Nature will react in such a way that almost all men will suffer the end of life as they now know it.” My feeling is that this is what we are now starting to see, all over the world. Each year new weather records are being set; fires, incredible hot temperatures, hurricanes, tornados, record drought, the drying up of rivers and reservoirs, too much snow/too little snow. This is real. The La Palma and Tonga volcanos are also part of this. 

   The Hopi, and others, say that mankind has left the spiritual path, and caused the world to be out of balance. Again, I believe this to be true. With our technology, we have created a world in man’s image, changing it from what was originally created and intended. We have all heard the words “conquering nature;” this is what science has attempted to do, and it has failed mightily. Which is why we see the things that are happening today. The Hopi speak of a Great Purification, and say it has happened three times previously; we are now in the fourth world, preparing for the cleansing that will move us into the next, or fifth world.

   Can all of this be changed now? Personally, my belief is we have set something in motion that is too late to turn around with the Earth Herself. That doesn’t mean we quit trying; my favorite saying is “anything can happen,” and it can. But, there is next to no serious action being taken by major governments to address what needs to be done. It would mean a complete revamping of our whole materialistic world. There is a great deal of talk about “climate change;” but no action is being  taken. Banyacya’s words are almost 50 years old. No one was listening then; maybe they will now. This article is very well written, and a serious statement about where the world is in 2022. I still believe miracles can happen. Maybe if enough people also believe that, they will…safe passage…HHH